human society-an organism

Many many sociologists have told many times that our human society is like an organism. But I think nobody including our renowned statesmen and leaders, multinational businessmen, and intellectuals have not understood the statement.
Our society is like an organism, no doubt, say just like a human being. Then it has head, neck, limbs, stomach etc. Let us have like this: our society’s head is the intelligentsia, our stomach and lower limbs are like the trade all over the world, and upper limbs are the working class etc. If a body’s organs, some of them grow more than others, it is a disease; not growth or development we can say. In the same manner, nowadays, the monetary actions all over the world are given prime importance. They grow at the expense of other functions and classes. No respect is given to the opinions of the people (function of head); the growth of the working class all over the world is stunted. (the arms have become lean). But the belly has gone too big. We are ready to eat whatever is served before us. If it goes on for some more years, then the human body (the society) may die altogether.
For a child’s body to grow, the environment is very important. But we have made our environment polluted and rotten. How shall we grow then? I think we are at the end of our days, and doomed to die in a few decades.