Questions to ‘superstar’ Rajinikanth

20 Questions that we all want to know answers from Rajinikanth, who wants to enter the politics of Tamilnadu and become a leader here.

1. How are you going to fund your Political party? If you are receiving/going to receive any external funding who will it be from?

2. Will any of your family members be involved with your political party?

3. How exactly do you propose to change the system which you say has become rotten? What are your specific plans for changing the system?

4. What are your views on issues like Cauvery,Mullaiperiyar, Fishermen,NEET etc.,issues that confront the State?

5. Who are your advisors guiding you and who are going to be your key associates in your political journey?

6. Is your political party going to be a secular one?

7. What is your view on the BJP and their vision of Hindutva?

8. What will be the role of your Fans Associations and their office bearers in your political Party? Will they be office bearers in your party too?

9. Are you ruling out alliances with existing parties? If you are not, then what kind of parties would you enter into an alliance with?

10. Will you stop acting now that you are entering politics? Will you be a full time politician?

11. Will you accept politicians from other parties (those parties that you say have spoiled the system) into your party?

12. What is your response to those who say only a Tamilian by birth should rule Tamil Nadu?

13.How good is your health? Can you assure the people that, to your knowledge, your health will permit you this challenging battle?

14. Will you clarify the details regarding all the existing Court Cases against members of your family?

15. Will you proactively publish the list of your assets at the start of your political journey? You have said that combating corruption is your primary political plank.

16. What are your economic beliefs? Do you support a larger role for Government or do you back Privatization?

17. How will you deal with your fans who may want a return on the investments they make in politics? Do you seriously believe that all your fans are motivated only by altruistic and noble motives in supporting your party?

18. Will you reach out to Kamal Haasan and invite him to join you in your political journey?

19. When will you start meeting the people and touring the State?

20.In what time frame can the public get answers to the above 19 Questions?